This tour takes place on a daily basis. Please book in advance  Limited spots available

Explore the Cretan Diet and the Cuisine of the island through a hands-on cooking experience in the center of Heraklion. Get involved and experience the health benefits and variety of tastes the Cretan Diet has to offer. Get involved with the locals and spend a day tasting great food while communicating cultures.


  • Mini Olive Oil tasting
  • Hands on Experience (Cook your own lunch)
  • Lunch and discussion about Cretan Culture, Diet and Cuisine

Cretan Diet and Cuisine have been attracting international attention more and more due to the health benefits and variety of tastes that are included. In this program, you enter the world of the amazing Cretan Cuisine by cooking traditionally together with the locals in the city center of Heraklion. During this cooking ,class you will have the opportunity to learn about what makes Cretan Diet special, get involved in the food making process and taste the local cuisine. By joining this hands on experience you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand local ingredients, local flavours and cuisine through Cretan culture.

*Our dishes and Menu are always based on seasonality and availability. We choose the Menu based on what is available each time of the year. This makes sure that every time we provide the best products available for our visitors. If you have any food allergies or food-related issues, please inform us in advance!