Kounaviano canyon


Length (km): 8| Duration : 4 Altitude (m): 300

 Difficulty Level 1

With 200 heritage-listed buildings, Archanes is a treasure trove of elegant neoclassical architecture. With historic routes to the ancient Minoan years, this village was a stability pole during the Ottoman and the years of the occupation. The rich and brutal past of this land is routed deep. Walk through its narrow paths and discover the secrets that the trails around it hold. 

Kounaviano canyon is the richest (in vegetation) gorge in the prefecture of Heraklion, a real oasis in the center of the province Pediada. It is part of the Eco Park of Youchtas and the whole area is included in the network of Natura habitats. There are several springs, some of which have water all time. Course in the gorge is very easy. There are sycamores, plane trees, willows, oaks, and other trees. Inside the bed, at in three different places we meet abandoned watermills that were used for grinding grain

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