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Immerse in experiencing the flavors of Olive Oil that become the base of the Cretan Diet and one of the secrets of longevity.


  • Introduction to Olive Oil
  • Olive Oil Culture In Crete
  • Olive Oil Tasting of 3 Olive Oils
  • Olive Oil Pairing

Immerse in experiencing the flavors Olive Oil that become the base of Cretan Diet and one of the secrets of longevity. The Homeric Liquid Gold- Olive Oil. Join us in an experience that will introduce you to this amazing product and its properties. Together we will learn what olive oil is all about and its importance in the Cretan Culinary Culture. During this program, we will have the opportunity to better approach to olive oil as consumers, learn all the properties that make it a super food and find out about its use in our everyday life.

*Our dishes and Menu are always based on seasonality and availability. We choose the Menu based on what is available each time of the year. This makes sure that every time we provide the best products available for our visitors. If you have any food allergies or food-related issues, please inform us in advance!

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